Our Services

Whether it is called counseling or psychotherapy, our services are tailored to the needs of each individual.  One size does not fit all!  Our sessions provide frank, and confidential ways to address a person’s needs through discussions with trained, caring, licensed professionals. Often the focus may be specific concerns and will include problem solving and finding effective techniques for managing or coping with the challenges life can present.  Other times we may address a broader range of issues allowing consideration of a person’s patterns of thought and behavior that affect the way they interact with the world. Regardless of the reason that brings one to therapy, the goal is to help people feel better equipped to manage stress, understand patterns of behavior (or the behavior of those with whom they are close) and overcome obstacles that interfere with reaching their personal goals.  Therapy strives for more satisfying relationships, well-regulated emotional responses to stressful situations, and being “the best version of you”.  Additionally, if someone has a behavioral health condition, such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, or bipolar disorder, psychotherapy addresses ways in which the condition affects daily life, focuses on how to best understand and manage symptoms, and follow medical recommendations.

Mental health treatment in the 21st Century usually involves either: Counseling from a therapist or Medication Management from a physician or Nurse Practitioner.  In most cases people needing both medication management and psychotherapy must see two different professionals, usually at different offices.  Fortunately, Louisiana is one of a few states at the forefront of mental health treatment, which permit appropriately trained Medical Psychologists to provide psychotherapy and prescribe mental health medication, thereby providing both types of treatment from the same doctor. 

In addition to over 10 years of university level training and supervised practice required to hold a doctoral degree and be licensed as a psychologist, Medical Psychologists have earned an accredited post-doctoral, Master of Science in clinical psychopharmacology, passed a national examination, and met numerous statutory requirements.  An Advance Practice License requires an additional 3 years of collaborative medical psychology practice.  Although Medical Psychologists are the only psychologists licensed by the Louisiana Medical Board, they are First and Foremost trained as psychologists.  The use of medication is but one of many treatment methods we can provide.  The availability of medication management can be of tremendous value, as many mental health concerns have a physical component, in which case a combination of psychotherapy and medication may provide the most rapid results, best possible outcomes, and optimal long-term benefits.  However, medication is NOT OUR ONLY TOOL, and often not our first choice.  Not everyone seeking behavioral health assistance needs medication.  Many require only psychotherapy.  Some may do well with medication management alone—particularly if they have completed psychotherapy.  Our goal is to provide treatment not to you but rather with you through collaboration to develop a plan that is best for your individual needs.  If you already have a counselor or therapist with whom you are comfortable, we would want you to continue that relationship and allow us to consult closely with them regarding possible medication needs.

As part of behavioral health treatment, psychological testing may be recommended during the development of your treatment plan to help identify needs, and periodically to monitor progress, and identify improvement. 

For school or learning concerns, our Louisiana Educational Diagnostic Center offers testing to identify school problems and recommend help for reading, mathematics, and language arts concerns, including dyslexia and dyscalculia.  Because poor grades or learning disorders can result from or can even be the cause of problems with irritability, anger, depression, anxiety, or conduct, our psychological-educational evaluations examine social and emotional needs as well as traditional school subject proficiency. You do not have to drive to Dallas for quality educational testing.  We do not rush a child through a day-long fixed battery of tests.  Our assessments are conducted locally in a relaxed, and supportive setting.  Test results are carefully analyzed by experts in school performance and the written report of results are reviewed in person and explained in detail, with plenty of time to answer parent questions and discuss recommendations.