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Psychology & Counseling

Psychological problems affect millions of people throughout the world and are more common than diabetes, cancer, arthritis, or alcohol abuse.  Every year in Louisiana, thousands of people visit professional psychologists for assistance in understanding themselves and others and in dealing with personal problems. Psychologists are specially trained to provide assistance to sufferers so their lives may be happier and healthier.

We Provide Mental Health Care

Dr. Bruce McCormick and his associates offer assistance to children, adolescents, and adults for a broad range of behavioral, emotional, and academic concerns.

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(318) 865-7500

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Bruce K. McCormick, Ph.D., ABMP

Dr. McCormick is a board certified, advanced practice medical psychologist in Louisiana and he also holds a psychology license in Arkansas.

We offer specialized psychological services to meet your needs

Counseling & Psychotherapy

Tailored services to the needs of each individual. One size does not fit all!

Medical Psychology

We provide both psychotherapy and prescribe mental health medication to patients.

Psychological Testing

We offer psychological and educational assessment to help identify school problems.