About Us

Dr. Bruce McCormick and his associates offer assistance to children, adolescents, and adults for a broad range of behavioral, emotional, and academic concerns.  Our health services address depression, loss of pleasure, grief, worry, anxiety, panic, and problematic behaviors.  We also assist with personal growth, self-confidence, and family life – including relationship difficulties, and parenting challenges.  Our scientist-practitioner model of counseling and psychotherapy allows treatment recommendations that are individually tailored to the age, needs, and desires of those we serve. This is not a quick “in-and-out practice”. We believe in a personal, confidential relationship with every client.

Offering the latest advances in technology, we provide a formal psychological evaluation of ADHD, Autism Spectrum conditions, and other developmental, educational, behavioral, and emotional concerns. Through our Educational Diagnostic Center, we evaluate school learning and behavior and provide evaluations for Gifted, (AIM and Gateway) programs. We do not believe all solutions come from a pharmacy, but when appropriate, we are able to offer a “one-stop-shop”, integrating behavioral health counseling with medication management. If needed, we offer psychological assessment and pharmacogenomic testing to help guide treatment decisions and medicine choices. We want to work in concert with your physician and if desired, with your family and clergy. If you already have a counselor, we are quite willing to coordinate with them to consider possible medication needs.